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Additional Information


Minimum Charge: $45.00 per hour

Clean, Oil, and Inspect: $65.00

Sight In Gun: $100.00 (you supply ammunition)

Drill And Tap Receiver: $35.00 per hole

Check Headspace: $35.00

Cast Chamber: $100.00

Remove Live Round In Chamber: $100.00

Cut And Crown Barrel: $65.00

Chamber And Fit Barrel: $300.00 (includes crown or thread)

Lap In Bolt Lugs: $45.00

Forging A Bolt Handle: $125.00

Weld On New Bolt Handle: $125.00

Cut Threads: $125.00 (starting rate, discount with suppressor purchase)

Glass Or Steel Bedding Action: $150.00 (depending on inleting)

DURA-COAT (single color only)

Long Gun: $150.00

Handgun: $125.00

Slide: $50.00

Frame: $75.00

(custom work pricing available upon request)


Trigger Install And Adjustment: $45.00 (plus cost of trigger)

Install And Fit Muzzle Brake: $120.00 (plus cost of brake)

Install Gentry Or Dakota Style Safety: $150.00

Install Hydraulic Recoil Reducer: $125.00

Install Recoil Pad: $65.00 (plus parts)