We here at Clements Firearms realized that there was a need for a suppressor that is both extremely high quality, yet still affordable. So we hit the machine shop armed with the knowledge of building suppressors for ourselves, and got to work on a design that would be the perfect combination of durability, accuracy, sound reduction, light weight, and still remain very cost effective. We brought
Mexi-Mike on board to help in the design and welding of what was soon to be our first production suppressors. After several design ideas and we took what we liked for each design and combined it into one...... 


  •  Caliber: 7.62 (.308)  5.56 (.223)
  • Weight: 25.5oz (7.62)          20.2oz (5.56)
  • Length: 9.1"(7.62)               6.5"(5.56)Diameter: 1.5"
  • Finish: None (available on request)Mount: 
  • Direct ThreadMaterial: Stainless steel with InconelĀ® blast baffle